Company Introduction

Company introduction

GUANGZHOU BAIYUN MEIHAO FILTER CO., LTD. A professional dust removing filter cartridge manufacturer with independent innovating, manufacturing and marketing, it has been a shareholding company since 1998, a state owned enterprise previously. We have concentrated on producing filter cartridges among the industry peers nearly 30 years. We are holding the faith of “beautiful product, high quality”. We keep innovating new products, and developing high performance and excellent quality filter medias that meet the demands of market and industries. We are the very best manufacturer of filter cartridge in mainland China as we keep upgrading our own manufacturing processes with professional knowledge, innovative techniques, and stable financial ability. Our products are widely used in different fields, such as shipbuilding, mining, power supplying, painting, powder conveying, cementing, air compressing station, metallurgy, and tobacco, etc.

In addition, our company has high technical abilities on mechanical processing. For better quality control, the major components are produced internally. Producing as required is the biggest characteristic or advantage of us which means that our products are manufactured and designed in accordance with customers’ demands including mode of installation, spec., characteristic of powders, dusts, and so on. For after-sales service, our engineers will be in touch with customers in time in case of our filters have problems while working. We will also check and help to get the problems solved in person if necessary.

The advantages for our company among the dust removal cartridges manufacturing industry peers are:

1.We have ability for self-developed moulds and complete mechanical processing equipments.

2.According to customer’s actual situation, we design and produce filter cartridges suitable for their working conditions.

3.We independently develop filter medias with precision level from F6 to H13 (EN779 standard in Europe).

4.We have the widest pleating machine(2.1meters) in the world.

5.All glues are dispensed by ourselves with thermal consolidation, which makes our chemical glues are more adhesive to the media.

6.We have introduced the advanced internal rotating glue equipment, which makes gaps between the pleats of the filter media more even.

7.Our new high-temperature resistant filter cartridges have heat-resistance up to 200℃.

8.We have introduced the advanced equipment which allows us to produce Nano-fiber media in volume.

The key of a dust collector is the filter cartridge, and the key of a filter cartridge is the filter media. We have kept innovating filter media , from “Made by Baiyun” to “Created by Baiyun”. We successfully developed series of filter media; such as, PTFE hot-melt lamination, electrospinning nano-fiber , anti-sticking, oil and water repellent, flame retardant, etc.which could apply in different filtration situation. Only by Using correct filter media, a good effect on dust removal can be made. Honesty and high quality are our promises to all clients. We insist on making filter cartridge with high quality and good-looking appearance.

Company honor

•National high-tech enterprise

•China SME Development Association member unit

•Member of Guangdong Foundry Industry Association

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